Sustainability Commitment

A desire to create more sustainable scented candles was at the core of founding the Archives Candle Company. Some of our sustainable practices include: 

  • Our soy wax is grown and entirely processed in the US. 
  • Our packaging is entirely plastic free, using recyclable paper and compostable cellulose. 
  • We use a jar return incentive to keep jars out of landfills. 

We continuously research, update, and improve on the carbon footprint of Archives Candle Company candles as innovations take place and new supplies become available. 

Safety Promise

Due to my own sensitivity to fragrances, extensive research went into selecting the oils used in Archives Candle Company Candles. The fragrances are 100% phthalate free, and I use only vendors with the highest safety testing in the industry. 

Animal Welfare

All fragrances are cruelty free, and when beeswax is used (only in taper and pillar candles, not jars) it is sourced from family run beehives, NEVER industrial bee farms. 

About Kara

Before I had my spiritual wake up call I worked as an archivist for over a decade: collecting, organizing, and sharing information. As I began the long journey of healing so many of us are on, I started turning my skills as an archivist towards my growing collection of information on healing modalities. As a lifelong candle lover I naturally focused on aromatherapy and healing scents.

Candles can do so much to change the energy of our space and our selves: the ritual of lighting them at certain times of day, the instinctual comfort of a flame, and the way that emotions and memories are so strongly evoked by scent. We bring different scents into our homes in different seasons, to create joy around holidays and events, and to create comfort when we need deep healing.

Scent has been so central to my healing process, but I kept finding I wanted more from the candles I was buying — I wanted scents that were aligned with the emotional work I was doing, smelled contemporary, and I wanted them in clean burning, paraffin free candles. So I created the Archives Candle Company: hand-mixed fragrance blends, hand-poured natural soy candles, and metal-free wicks to make spaces as sacred as the human journey we find ourselves on.