New Moon in Cancer and Honoring Our Sacred Anger

The moon is new in Cancer on June 28th. The archetype of Cancer is associated with nurturing and motherly love, but it shouldn’t be reduced to the “den mother” stereotype, it also rules over deep, complex, and at times volatile emotions. Cancer does not do small talk, it digs in to the complexities of the human experience with no hesitation. It is not afraid of anger—an emotion we are all experiencing at this time whether it’s ours directly or not.


Anger is sacred—it helps us to restore boundaries, protection, and ultimately our sense of Self. The nurturing moon in Cancer asks us to allow our full range of emotions and find ways to support ourselves as we move it through us. How can we use this energy to affirm what we will and won’t tolerate, and protect ourselves and our loved ones?


Ideas For Moving Anger in the Body:

Screaming, Yelling: you can do this in a car or with a pillow if you don’t feel comfortable freaking out your neighbors 

Singing and dancing to fast tempo music: whatever you like that makes you feel empowered. There is no such thing as "spiritual music"—all music is inherently spiritual. 

Running, high intensity workouts: an absolute classic, but there's no need to go crazy if it isn't part of your normal routine. Anything that elevates your heart rate and gets your blood moving will also help energy move. 

Yoga and stretches for solar plexus chakra or liver meridian: in many energetic healing tradition the liver is said to be where we hold anger. Stretching this area can help to move anger. Try low lunges that release the psoas like dragon pose, boat pose for stretching the stomach, or deer pose to stretch the inner leg and sides. 

Salt baths and swimming: nothing beats a salt bath - use Epsom salt or sea salt in the bath, float in a natural body of water if you can, or just hop in the pool. Imagine the anger floating away as you soak.